Fallen Hero

For the last year or two I have been working on a choicescript game in my free time. It’s one of the classic old choose your own adventure stories, or as I prefer to see it, an interactive novel. It is basically a super villain story, where you, the reader, control a former telepathic superhero who is making a comeback. This time however, it is not on the side of angels. Customize your character and powers, be a merciless asshole or someone that is regretting what they are doing every step of the way. It is completely up to you, as are the genders of the main characters and any romantic choices you make.

You can follow the link and try it out if you fancy, it’s not finished, but an average playthrough is 45 000 words, and there’s more than 160 000 in total (including code) so there’s a bit to play around with.

Fallen Hero



Om Malin Rydén

Malin Rydén is a published freelance fiction writer and machinist, sharing her time between two continents, two languages and too many imaginary worlds to count. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her first two novels, 'Dödvatten' (Deadwater), a collection of horror shorts, and 'An Unkindness of Ravens', a queercentric adventure of mathematics and revolution. ---- Malin Rydén är en publicerad författare och CNC-operatör som delar livet mellan två kontinenter, två språk och ett otal imaginära världar. Hon håller just nu på att sammanställa sin första skräcknovellsamling, ”Dödvatten’, där hon tar itu med mörkret som vilar bakon den svenska tryggheten. Hon arbetar även med sin engelska roman ”An Unkindness of Ravens’, en äventyrshistoria om revolutionära matematiker, samt två hemliga samarbetsprojekt.
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